We Are Back!

After a year’s hiatus of writing and developing educational books and resources, we are back again!  We are committed to offering weekly blogs on a variety of topics that relate to our mission at the Center for Global Awareness, which is to provide holistic educational resources to inspire critical examination of global topics. We hope these blogs will inspire and challenge you.

Our approach to educational resources is a unique and much needed holistic perspective in today’s more interdependent world. We offer books, professional services, and free on-line resources.

As an independent book publisher with no corporate ties, we are proud to develop educational resources that critically examine mainstream approaches to world history and global issues, such as the economy and financial sector. And as a nonprofit organization without the high costs of shareholder profits and huge CEO salaries, we are able to offer our high quality books and professional services at a very reasonable cost, saving educators, students, and schools bundles.

To help distribute information about our publications and services we are taking the next big step, or maybe I should say leap, into social media and program development. In addition to this blog, you will find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. And we have also hired a wonderful Program Director! Sarah Wilkinson brings to CGA a wealth of nonprofit experience. She founded and is the current Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Project PeacePal. Sarah is handing over some of her executive responsibilities to able assistants while she devotes more time to CGA. Sarah has a BA in cultural anthropology from the prestigious University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and is thrilled to be promoting our holistic approach to global topics and world history here at CGA.  It is great to have someone with so much enthusiasm and knowledge join us at CGA. We are indeed lucky to have her.

I have been hard at work making sure that Sarah has some educational resources and books to promote:

ImageWaves of Global Change: A Holistic World History is complete (thank goodness) and available for purchase on our website ($28.95). My book organizes the overarching development of humans through history into five major transformations called waves.

Waves of Global Change: An Educator’s Handbook for Teaching a Holistic ImageWorld History (what a long title) is also available. The companion book, explains the principles of a holistic world history model for educators to use in the classroom$14.95

ImageThe Global Economy: Connecting the Roots of a Holistic System gives a general overview and realistic portrayal of the global economy from a holistic perspective,$19.95. I am so relieved and excited to announce that the final proof of this book (this one nearly killed me) is now at the graphic designer for final edits. It will be ready very soon!

ImageInternational Folktales: For English Language Learners. Nancy Harmon has completed her illustrated book that promises to add spice to ESL classrooms. It is available on the website for $10.95.

Later this fall we will be publishing, Financial Literacy: Wall Street and How it Works, a book related to the economy and explains how the workings of Wall Street affect us all. It is complete and in the book formatting process (can’t believe I finished it). It sells for $14.95.

Sarah mentioned that it would be great to have my next book on Human Rights available for students and educators very soon. I guess she is not going to let me rest!

Please follow us on our blog and on Twitter, visit and like our Facebook page, and stay in touch.

–Dr. Denise R. Ames

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