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Reflections on a Week in Saudi Arabia

There are two seas in Saudi Arabia: the sea of black and the sea of white. It’s the first image that I saw on my one week trip to Saudi Arabia in August 2015 as an educational trainer. Upon exiting from baggage claim, I saw every female shrouded in black and the majority of males in white. Before landing I had slipped on my black abaya, just as one of the expat internet sites advised me to do. Continue reading

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Right in Our Back Yards!

Sometimes, if I’ve listened to too many news reports, read a news magazine cover to cover or had a political discussion with a friend, I find myself feeling pretty pessimistic about the state of the world. Looking at huge problems like the war in Syria or climate change or the inability of Congress to get anything of importance accomplished, it’s easy to feel that we the people are powerless to make a difference. We sometimes need a reminder of all the goodness in the world and all the people who are getting along with one another, working in their small corner to impact these seemingly immense problems. Continue reading

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