Lessons from the Trickster Archetype, Part 5:  Trump the Trickster?

2.1 KokopelliWhy can’t we just get along? This is a question that I have been working on in my new book, Divided: Five Colliding Worldviews and How to Navigate Them. I would like to share with you some ideas that I have been exploring.

Join me in learning about the trickster archetype in this series of blogs. The trickster is surfacing today in our uncertain times. What does the trickster represent and what can we learn from him?

Beware of the Trickster

We are living in uncertain times. Our divisions seem to be intractable. It is a time for us to be attuned to strange occurrences and alert to messages from questionable leaders. Tricksters are most visible when people are in conflict and trauma, whether on an individual, national or local level. Now is such a time!

President Trump: Our Trickster Archetype, Part 2

The trickster is a universal archetypal figure found through the history of humanity. 3.1 President Donald TrumpPsychologist Carl Jung coined the term archetype and defined it as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious.  The trickster is one of the most reoccurring of the many archetypes found across time.

Trump, the trickster archetype, promises to heal, to make things great again, to perform magic, to raise the dead, all these services for the common good. Trump sells the impossible, the great illusion, but only if he is in charge; the trickster is always a one-person show.

Trump is deceptive, a con man and an expert in assigning blame. Things are never his1.2 Briar Rabbit fault. He rarely says he is sorry, feels little guilt, and is not ashamed of any of his actions. The trickster maneuvers to control almost all situations.

Any time a utopia is being promised by political leaders, then the trickster is riding shotgun. Thus, the time is ripe for a trickster figure to emerge to soothe our discomfort or enrage us to the point of despair.

Trickster thrives on comfort-induced inattention and vanity-induced unawareness, and has essentially a free hand in guiding those who refuse to ever question their motives, assumptions, and beliefs.


About the Author:

Dr. Denise R. Ames is a long-time educator, grade 7-university, author of seven books, and president of an educational non-profit, Center for Global Awareness, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CGA provides books, resources, and services with a holistic, global- focused, and perspective-taking approach for their three programs: Global Awareness for Educators, books and resources for educators and students grade 9-university; Gather, Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflection, a self-organizing study and conversation program for adults focusing on seeing different perspectives of pressing global issues; and their most recent program Turn, Transformative Understanding and Reflection Network, which encourages lifelong and transformative learning to help us arrive at a place of personal and global well-being using a seven “path” approach.

wviewscoverPlease email info@global-awareness.org or visit www.global-awareness.org for more information.

For more about worldviews see Dr. Ames’ book Five Worldviews: How We See the World. $9.95




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