Discovering the Cultural Divide: My Journey to Understanding, Part 7

by Dr. Denise R. Ames

Why can’t we just get along? This is a question that I have been working on in my forthcoming book (January 2020), Divided: Five Colliding Worldviews and How to Navigate Them. I would like to share with you some ideas that I have been exploring.

Join me in this 7 part blog series in discovering how I came to studying, researching, teaching, and writing about the divide.  See the divide play out in your life as well!

Understanding People Different From Us

I find the few cultural differences I described in the previous blog to be fascinating. These differences are a key to understanding why so many working people disregarded the “hard, factual data” showing that Trump’s policies actually may hurt them 7.1 divideeconomically, yet still voted for him. In order to connect with people outside our inner circle, we need to be able to reach out and understand “the other.”

For years, the college-educated, myself included, have wanted mainstream white America to understand those from “other” cultures and minorities. Usually it meant people from outside the U.S., and our minority populations, but rarely was there an outreach effort to understand people like those who eventually supported Trump.

Perhaps it is now time, to reverse roles and have the college-educated “elites” be the students and learn about white, non-college-educated America, Trump America. Even if 7.2 divideTrump fails in his reelection bid or is impeached, the millions of Trump voters are still part of America. They are not going to disappear if Trump disappears.

Their culture is different, varied and worth learning more about. If we are to get past throwing disparaging judgments at groups of people and more deeply understand who they are, then we have a better chance of advancing an agenda of greater economic justice, peace, sustainability, and inclusiveness. This book, Divided, is dedicated to this goal. For the future of our country, it is worth trying.

No blog on November 29 in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

About the Author:

Dr. Denise R. Ames is a long-time educator, grade 7-university, author of seven books, and president of an educational non-profit, Center for Global Awareness, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CGA provides books, resources, and services with a holistic, global- focused, and perspective-taking approach for their three programs: Global Awareness for Educators, books and resources for educators and students grade 9-university; Gather, Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflection, a self-organizing study and conversation program for adults focusing on seeing different perspectives of pressing global issues; and their most recent program Turn, Transformative Understanding and Reflection Network, which encourages lifelong and transformative learning to help us arrive at a place of personal and global well-being using a seven “path” approach.

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For more about worldviews see Dr. Ames’ book Five Worldviews: How We See the World. $9.95



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