Seven Take-aways from the 2020 Election!

By Dr. Denise R. Ames

The election of 2020 is behind us (well, almost). I feel compelled to comment on what has happened and what we may encounter in the future.

Here are my top seven takeaways from the tumultuous 2020 election:

1.  We Continue to be Divided!
The country is almost evenly divided between traditionalists (populist right and traditional conservatives) and progressives (populist left and moderates).

2.  We Need to Recognize There is Another Side
I have been preaching this mantra for a long time. Recognizing other cultures starts with understanding our own: left understands right, right understand left!

3.  Money Doesn’t Automatically Buy an Election
Michael Bloomberg should know, spending $1 billion this election cycle. The losing Democratic candidate in South Carolina spent $109 million compared to the Republican winner, $75 million. The list goes on.

4.  Americans Like a Divided Government
We must, we keep electing them. No blue wave materialized in 2020: Senate will likely (depending on Georgia’s 2 special run-offs for Senate) remain Republican, House Democratic, President Democratic, and Supreme Court conservative bent. A system of checks and balances prevails.

5.  Shifting Party Constituencies.
Republican are not a monolithic white party. They made inroads with minority voters, Latino/Hispanics and Blacks. Does the working class emerges as a solid part of the Republican Party? The Democrats appeal to elites (technology, education, income, wealth, celebrities, etc.) Now that is a switch from years past!

6.  Bias in the Polls.
Apparently, pollsters are not immune to bias. Their predications were way off. 

7.  Wake-up for the Woke
From early indications, majority of voters rejected “woke” ideology (cultural elites and far left). If this is true, how will it play out in education, the media, arts, government, and future elections? 

About the Author: Dr. Denise R. Ames

Dr. Denise R. Ames’ varied life experiences–teaching, scholarly research, personal experiences, extensive travels, and thoughtful reflections–have contributed to her balanced views and global perspectives. Earning a doctorate in world history education, she has taught secondary schools, university, a community college, professional development, and lifelong learners. In 2003, Dr. Ames founded Center for Global Awareness, an educational non-profit that develops globally-focused books and educational resources for educators and students grade 9-university. She has written eight books, plus numerous blogs, lesson plans, articles, newsletters, and teaching units.

Along with CGA’s Gather program, Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflection, a study and conversation program for self-organizing groups of lifelong learners and, Global Awareness for Educators, Dr. Ames is developing a new program: Turn, Transformation, Understanding, & Reflection Network. TURN encourages life-long learners to see with new eyes, learn from the past, understand others, and recognize the relationship of all things. She teaches workshops/classes and writes about TURN’s five topics: learning from the past, cross-cultural awareness, five worldviews, elder wisdom, and transformative travel.

Divided: Five Colliding Worldviews and How to Navigate Them has just been released!

Divided, Dr. Ames’ latest book,addresses the question on the lips of every American: why can’t we get along? The cultural divide is threatening our democracy and destabilizing our country. Divided looks at the deep cultural divide through the lens of five colliding worldviews—indigenous, traditional, progressive, globalized, and transformative. This approach helps us make sense of our deep divisions and suggests ways of bridging them.

It is urgent that we understand and bridge the cultural divide. Bridging the divide is dependent upon first understanding it. Gaining an understanding of the five worldviews enhances our success of arriving at sensible solutions and increasing civil conversations. If not, rancor and intractability ensue.

Divided is one of nine books written by Dr. Ames and the Center for Global Awareness, check out their offerings! Global Awareness Books 

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  1. I need to come visit this blog more often! Your content is amazing 🙂

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