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CGA logo smallThe Center for Global Awareness is an educational nonprofit based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CGA integrates balanced views, holistic thinking, global perspectives, and cross-cultural awareness into its books, educational resources, and three programs. Encouraging lifelong learning for adults, educators, and students grade 9-university, CGA’s ultimate purpose is to promote personal and global well-being.

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Ever since our launch in 2013, the Center for Global Awareness has been committed to its founding mission of considering different perspectives, understandings, and approaches to global and national issues. We have found that this mission is needed now more than ever, as our national and global conversations have turned more divisive.

Guided by the principles of our mission, CGA’s blogs and other social media outlets are committed to bringing information and perspectives to you that challenge prevailing thinking and bring fresh perspectives on pressing issues. Although we will highlight a variety of issues and concerns, our main areas of interest are the corrosive cultural divide in the United States, learning from the past, cross-cultural awareness, elder wisdom, environmental stress, the global economy, human rights, transformative travel, and general remarks on personal and global well-being.

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Kind regards,
Dr. Denise R. Ames
President, Center for Global Awareness

01.2 DenisePrimary Blog Writer: Dr. Denise R. Ames … is an author and educator with over 35 years teaching from grade 7-university, including adult lifelong learners. She took her doctorate in history education with a focus on world history from Illinois State University. Founding an educational non-profit, Center for Global Awareness, in 2003, she has written eight books, plus numerous blogs, lesson plans, articles, newsletters, teaching units, and conducted professional development workshops for the non-profit and its clients.

More about the Center for Global Awareness…

Ever since launching in 2003, CGA’s mission has been to promote balanced views, holistic thinking, global perspectives, and cross-cultural awareness when looking at global and national issues, ideas, assumptions, and values. CGA’s unique approach distinguishes it from other educational non-profits. CGA has carried out its mission by creating nine books, numerous resources, and providing professional services for students grade 9-university, educators, and lifelong learners of all ages.

Over the years, this mission has taken CGA in many provocative and inspiring directions: developing a holistic approach to world history, studying the global economy as a system, recognizing human rights as a universal value, seeing issues through five worldviews, questioning notions of progress and modernity, and celebrating the rich diversity of global cultures and traditions. CGA’s ultimate purpose is to promote understanding for personal and global well-being, which has guided CGA’s three programs:

Center for Global Awareness’ Three Programs:

1. Global Awareness for Educators
Veteran educator, Dr. Denise R. Ames, has written eight ground-breaking books in the areas of a holistic world history, global economy, human rights, and five worldviews. She infuses a unique holistic approach, a lively global perspective, insightful cross-cultural awareness, and balanced views into her educational resources and professional services for educators and students grade 9-university.

2. GATHER GatherLogo6Global Awareness Through Engaged Reflection is a conversation-based study program connecting small groups of concerned and curious lifelong learners. Each self-organizing group gathers together to study and talk about pressing global issues and cultural concerns with the goal of seeing them from different perspectives.

3.  TURN (Transformation, Understanding, & Reflection Nexus) encourages lifelong learning to help us arrive at a place of personal and global well-being.

01.3 Turn imageDr. Denise R. Ames and the Center for Global Awareness, an educational non-profit, are pleased to welcome their newest program, Turn (Transformation, Understanding, & Reflection Nexus). Building upon educator and writer Dr. Ames’ years of teaching experience in the areas of the global economy, cultural awareness, a holistic world history, human rights, and five worldviews, the overall purpose of the Turn program is to enhance our personal and global well-being.

To turn is to look in a different direction or to turn around, an apt metaphor for the program. Through the Turn program, Dr. Ames encourages lifelong learners to see with new eyes, understand others, learn from the past, recognize relationships, and open up to new possibilities. By integrating these Turn ways into our lives, we can have a greater capacity to achieve a deeper sense of meaning and engage in the world more thoughtfully.

Dr. Ames is excited about Turn program and eager to share it with you. Email her at drames@global-awareness.org




As an IRS approved 501(c)3, contributions to the Center for Global Awareness are tax-deductible.  Our FEIN: 42-1770391                                                                                                                   

For more information contact us at: info@global-awareness.org    

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